Man machine mud – it’s all good.

It’s another rainy grey spring day and everything is damp or soaking wet. On the positive side, the grass is green and growing so the amount of mud one might track into their home is not as big a problem as it was only a few weeks ago. If you wish to stomp around outside then a good pair of muck boots would be appropriate for the current conditions. It is boring weather. There are no great torrents of rain, thunder claps or lightning flashes to liven things up to where I would consider the weather conditions slightly more interesting. It’s a dull drippy wet nuisance more than anything else. I don’t have to travel anywhere so I won’t. The roads are slippery so why bother. I think I’ll just hang out by the fire and catch up on some reading. I might even turn on the radio and let the music play in the background at a low volume. (Light Jazz or a baseball game)This low tone appears to reinforce good sleeping weather for the dogs. A warm fire takes the dampness out of the room and subsequently as if on cue puts man’s best friend to sleep. This is a lazy  day, almost too quiet, but I won’t complain. I believe everyone needs a nice slow day once in a while. Today I’ll stick to reading some old books I have on hand written by actual people. I’ve read a few things lately online that appear to have been written by something that apparently has an oddly dark sense of humor or at least slightly weird way of presenting information. 

If now all easily accessible information involves the next tiny step in the evolution of creativity then to be fair I should expect to come across some content that will have a peculiar almost quantized cadence rather than an easily recognizable human flow. 

will I be observant enough to see beyond the obvious chatter?

Maybe I won’t be able to easily distinguish between human and machine sourced writing. Some people I have come across  act like robots and I’ve seen a few robots that seem more human than a few people I know. (If you talk to your Roomba than it’s probably too late.)

 To view Machine learning as an accelerator for intellectual advancement was always inevitable. It’s one thing to store a lot of data (think of ancient libraries) and it’s another to process large quantities of data in an efficient manner. (Think of the few smart people who still have most of their faculties)

This poses the question of interpretation and data quality. 

With content creation enhanced or completely produced by Artificial Intelligence the pressure to produce financial returns could saturate some disciplines or fields with lots of unwanted noise. Weird music, bad art, unreal photo enhancements. Actually we already have most of that. Content created for quantity, will little to no regard for quality is really just noise or in simplest terms – filler. People love filler. It’s the junk food of information. People don’t love information, they love filler. It passes the time.

I do see the potential for positive and productive acceleration if such tools are used carefully. This would involve knowledgeable subject matter experts in the role of guide or moderator to further train these new algorithms and avoid the possibility some of these new systems don’t collapse or backfire on the user. 

Ai could and probably is used for good somewhere . (Medical discoveries, Hamburg flipping, carpet vacuuming or even writing code that’s still bad, but pumped out at tremendous volumes and speed) think of all the bad programmers that will still have jobs.

Even with so much information available via a computer or mobile device I still prefer actual books.

Books written by actual people. To think I thought an electric typewriter would help spur creativity when all along it was simply irony.  Now might be a good time to get my boots on and stomp around in the mud. Now that’s true creativity!

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