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We’re all lost, but it’s all right.

We’re all lost, but it’s all right.

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This is the summer of noise, chaos, intimidation, and denial. False prophets and intimidation surf the airways on a sea of Fake News and failed revolutions. The “new normal” isn’t new, and it’s far from normal for the western world. These are symptoms of fear: fear of change. It’s not the change you hear about every day in the media, it’s the change that we were warned about in the last century. The way we work is changing. The processes for which we buy, consume and sell abruptly transformed in a matter of months if not weeks. We are slowly easing our way into total reliance on technology for everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we know - about ourselves and what others know about us. All this information on everything and anything churning and processing through the ma...

Masque of the Zombie Robot

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The virus has spread across the globe. Death and fear of death have created an atmosphere of dread and mistrust. In the end the resulting economic impact could create more chaos and destruction than the disease it'self. (it won't, but it sounds impressive) Are you afraid? You most likely are not, in fact you may be more annoyed than futurist of the twentieth century would have predicted. The media is stumbling along with an assortment of talking heads broadcasting from their broom closets, basement, and garages with bad backdrops, poor audio quality, improper use of makeup, and bad lighting. The information must get delivered by recognizable personalities, or else it probably isn't marketable. We now have mixed messages adding to the confusion; Don't go out - yes do go out...Wha...

Another Decade Ends.

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2020 is here and with it comes a lot of possibilities. Instead of looking back at the last year’s notable events and developments, I prefer to look forward, not that last year was not a notable year, but it’s over, and it’s time to move on and into the unknown future the new decade presents.I’m hoping we see an end to the dominating frenzy presented by all the political noise and fake news clutter. With AI on the rise, maybe we will start seeing less garbage from panels of pundits treating opposing views with disrespect and twisted catch phrases. It just wastes a lot of time you could be spending more productively - if so inclined as too few are.So....Bring on the new wave of software generated news avatars that deal more with facts than opinions. Bring on the robots that lower the cost o...
Rise of the Toaster Ovens

Rise of the Toaster Ovens

Fear of AI The fear of AI (artificial intelligence) or the worry that robots will kick you out of your seat at work and steal your job are intensified by our reliance on overly complex television channel changers. In the old days, televisions had dials you had to twist to change the channel. As soon as mankind's top scientists developed a magic box that could change the channel on the television, thus saving us from performing any tangible form of physical activity, we were hooked. We needed more creative ways to simplify our daily life with overly complex and extremely convoluted mechanisms. The war was over before it ever really got rolling. With the development of artificial intelligence sprouting from our overly large computation devices, we were on the road to interdependence which w...