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A Cold Light in the Damp Dark Night.

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It is the dark time. October is almost over and Halloween Night is not far off. The nights are noticeably colder, and the night air is damp and windy. When it isn't raining you can hear the leaves winding across the land. When it is raining you can hear the far off distant sound of thunder and the wind gusting through the trees. It's usually a good night for some hot tea and a warm hoodie. It feels dark and gloomy all day. Sometimes we have a break and there is some sun pushing through the clouds, but usually not enough to dry out the wet soggy ground. So begins the muddy season here in the swamp. With a good pair of muck boots and a rain-resistant jacket, you can easily handle the transition between warm dry summer weather and freezing cold snow. This is the in-between, sort of the w...

Hey Hey Toil and Trouble

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It's dark and rainy here in the north. This is perfect weather for enjoying some football or possibly some old classic horror movies. October always starts out cold and spooky - perfect for reading, listening to late-night radio or podcasts nowadays. The news is getting progressively weirder, now we just saw the US President leave the hospital and waive to his supporters as he passed by. It shouldn't be long before the fake news media spins a tale on this development. Who really cares anymore? The news is now more creative theater than responsible reporting. This is why I think more people are seeking out other forms of entertainment and focusing more on their own immediate circumstances. For me, I tend to focus on working. I like to work on my own projects, get things ready for wi...
Night belongs to the Toads

Night belongs to the Toads

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I hope everyone had a good summer and hopefully avoided getting knocked down in one way or another from the ever present virus. This summer presented a good opportunity to get some work done around the house and start preparing for what could be a gloomy Fall and Winter. I did a lot more traveling for work than I was able to this past Spring so I could get as much work done as possible before the next spike. What I really needed to do was update my home setup while there are still equipment and resources available. I often work late into the night, or at least it seems that way. It basically gets progressively darker in the cold months as you head north. I prefer to be off the road if the weather is bad if I can, so working out in my shop with a hot cup of tea or strong black coff...

Kalm Before the Storm

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Even with the hot humid weather we were still able to get a lot of work done around the house this summer. You think you've got plenty of time to get ready for winter if you wait for the cooler Fall weather, but that's not always a good plan. Rain can slow down some of the outdoor work, and usually something always comes up that you might not have expected. This season has been the strangest that I can remember. Just getting ready for cold weather is enough of a challenge. Throw in all the strange events of the last 8 months, and it changes the way you go about even the simplest things like going to the hardware store. Lumber seems to be a hot commodity, and practically everything seems to be a little more costly if available at all. There's no travel vacation this year, it's ...
Netbook For Your Lock-down or Break-out Laptop of Destiny?

Netbook For Your Lock-down or Break-out Laptop of Destiny?

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I’m starting to think about how this Fall and early Winter will look if we see more cases coupled with seasonal cold and flu outbreaks in my area. I work in the north and miserable weather is the norm, as are colds and flu season surges every year.The cold and wet end of the year has traditionally been the most prominent time for sickness and misery for those who try to keep working even when bed rest and hot tea would be more appropriate. Summers are short and humid with lots of mosquitoes, so many who don’t have to be outside stay indoors most of the year. This may be the reason we see a lot of cold-related illnesses, not from being outdoors, but from being indoors. As luck would have it I usually spend a lot of time outdoors in the rain and snow......loving it! Actually more so because...