As October ends

The days have grown colder and darker the closer we get to November. The winter forecast calls for cold temperatures and snow. The last few winters have been on the mild side, but this year we may return to what some would call normal winter conditions. With the price of heating increasing and poor economic conditions affecting everyone, it could be a difficult time for many. It’s almost Halloween and there’s enough scary news to send shivers down anyone’s spine. It has been a strange ride these past few years, and it appears that things will continue to get weirder and wilder. A lot of people expected this. Many prepared for what has been unsettling times. The world has grown darker and colder in many ways. This is not the end times, but these don’t seem like the good times either. The doom and gloom you find in the media is often ratcheted up to grab your attention. Bad things happen everyday, but much of these may not have any direct impact on your daily life. On the other hand, the economy hits a little closer to home. The high cost and availability of goods and services will impact many aspects of everyday life. Health issues can also take a heavy toll on anyone. If you look for bad news you will find it, but if you look for good news you may not find any. That doesn’t mean you should let all the bad things in the world drag you down and ruin your day.

I like this time of year. I like the cold stormy nights because they are never dull. I spend time when the weather is good to get ready for the days when the weather is not so good. Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s eve will be here soon enough. Cheer up, It’s Hockey season. I will spend more time working on my own projects. The stormy weather also makes for some nice atmosphere to read and listen to the radio. A nice fire, a cup of tea and a good book, Kindle, or iPad can make for a nice relaxing evening. This is the time of year when life tends to slow down. This can be an enjoyable thing if you don’t mind sitting out in the cold. You will see why hoodies are a popular item in the north. Flannel shirts and hoodies are the norm. Hockey and Football will be on the TV depending on who’s playing, sometimes the weather channel or QVC – just for background noise. The news broadcasts here aren’t as popular as they once were, and although there are lots of entertainment shows available, it’s not always a good thing to spend too much time in front of the TV. Sometimes we put the weather channel on if we are expecting a storm to pass through the area. If the road conditions are not good a lot of people should stay home and off the roads, but if you have to go out it’s good to have an idea what the weather will do. Everything I just mentioned you can do with your smart phone if you want to, but you might not want to always stare at your phone.

Halloween decorations are lit up across the area and blowing in the wind as the dry leaves swirl down the road. It’s the classic atmosphere for the end of October. I’ll try to get the leaves mulched one more time before the snow starts. As usual the snow blower is ready and the generator has been run every month just in case I need it. If we do get heavy wet snow and high winds I may have to rely on it if the power goes out. I think we’re ready for the winter, and as usual will make the best of it. If you grew up in the north it will not seem like any big deal, just normal conditions and a nice break from the hot days and nights of summer. We will hear a lot about global warming, but it will be the price of fuel and energy costs that will get the most attention, followed by the cost and availability of food. As long as I can still get some hot coffee, tea, and soup I will be fine.

The war, the threat of war, job cuts, Flu, politics, and Pandemic trends still dominate the mainstream media. Inflation and Recession will impact most families as the year winds down. Christmas could be bleak for some, but it might still end up being a great way to end the year. Make the most of the season and spend time with the people you enjoy being with, or spend some time doing what makes you happy. Worry about things you can actually control, and not about things that you can’t. Try not to get too stressed out about anything. Sometimes you just need to slow down and look around. Turn off the noise and listen to the sounds of the season. That sound could be the wind, the rain, thunder, or the sound of snow and ice hitting the windows. To some it may sound like a terrifying storm, to others a magical symphony. Even when it’s cold and windy I often sit outside, have a cup of tea, and enjoy not listening to the mainstream media.

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