Long Night’s Lull.

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It will be December in a few more days and still we have no official winner certified for the top position in the US. Many assume we have a clear winner, but many others don't seem to agree. Either way this makes for a long drawn out drama that sows doubt and anxiety right when we don't need any more depressing news. The number of positive Covid19 cases and hospitalizations are still heading in the wrong direction, and now we may see even more cases possibly sourced from the Thanksgiving holiday and associated Black Friday shopping traffic. The weather here in the north hasn't been too bad yet, but that is usually a yearly condition that usually impacts daily life the most. Even without a lock down traveling gets difficult with freezing rain and snow. I'm sure there are many who won't...

The Winter of Sleep

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Have you had enough of the headache we refer to as the Great US Election of 2020? I certainly have. So much noise and theatrics on both sides of the dividing line that continues to grow wider every day. The news - hogwash at it's finest. There is no real news, or at least very little that is good available compared to the sea of theatrics, posturing, and name calling from all sides. Even if you see something in front of your own eyes and/or ears - you can't trust that any of it is real. Skepticism is truly an asset when confronted by all the blathering available. Now here we are at a point where no one can trust anyone, yet we have some politicians who would like everyone to keep an eye on everyone else and what they might be doing that could be considered offensive or selfish. Neighbors...

Old Man Winter Waits for Thee.

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The country is divided. This is not a new revelation. Covid19 is spiking across the continent - as it has around the world. Social distancing has resulted in job loss, small business closures, educational difficulties, and the year has been very bad for many. This is without even factoring in many deaths, and health impacts we may not fully understand for a long time. Depression and burnout have also taken a toll. Basically, this year hasn't been that great. Unfortunately, this challenge could carry over to next year. Look on the bright side - it couldn't get much worse - could it? One thing we do know however is that for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it will probably get much colder. I can hear the wind howling as I sit here working in my dimly lit but cozy shop. One light i...

A Cold Light in the Damp Dark Night.

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It is the dark time. October is almost over and Halloween Night is not far off. The nights are noticeably colder, and the night air is damp and windy. When it isn't raining you can hear the leaves winding across the land. When it is raining you can hear the far off distant sound of thunder and the wind gusting through the trees. It's usually a good night for some hot tea and a warm hoodie. It feels dark and gloomy all day. Sometimes we have a break and there is some sun pushing through the clouds, but usually not enough to dry out the wet soggy ground. So begins the muddy season here in the swamp. With a good pair of muck boots and a rain-resistant jacket, you can easily handle the transition between warm dry summer weather and freezing cold snow. This is the in-between, sort of the w...

Hey Hey Toil and Trouble

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It's dark and rainy here in the north. This is perfect weather for enjoying some football or possibly some old classic horror movies. October always starts out cold and spooky - perfect for reading, listening to late-night radio or podcasts nowadays. The news is getting progressively weirder, now we just saw the US President leave the hospital and waive to his supporters as he passed by. It shouldn't be long before the fake news media spins a tale on this development. Who really cares anymore? The news is now more creative theater than responsible reporting. This is why I think more people are seeking out other forms of entertainment and focusing more on their own immediate circumstances. For me, I tend to focus on working. I like to work on my own projects, get things ready for wi...