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Life after the first wave

Life after the first wave

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As workers begin to return to the office some companies are rethinking their office layouts, occupancy numbers, and even locations. The new way of working around minimal distance restrictions and partitioned workspaces will evolve. Power, plumbing, and network routes may need to be updated or completely redesigned. Office layouts that were initially designed to foster collaboration now appear as precarious breeding grounds for contagion. Office designs from a bygone era where closed offices with doors and tall cubicles for single work desk occupancy - which were looked down upon as isolation and divisional, now are being rethought just for the ability to create areas of productive serenity. Today we refer to these designs as safety barriers and mitigation management enhancemen...

Another Decade Ends.

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2020 is here and with it comes a lot of possibilities. Instead of looking back at the last year’s notable events and developments, I prefer to look forward, not that last year was not a notable year, but it’s over, and it’s time to move on and into the unknown future the new decade presents.I’m hoping we see an end to the dominating frenzy presented by all the political noise and fake news clutter. With AI on the rise, maybe we will start seeing less garbage from panels of pundits treating opposing views with disrespect and twisted catch phrases. It just wastes a lot of time you could be spending more productively - if so inclined as too few are.So....Bring on the new wave of software generated news avatars that deal more with facts than opinions. Bring on the robots that lower the cost o...

The War of Automation

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What happens when +90% of the jobs are not automated? No longer will we need doctors or surgeons, instead hospitals will just need a single person to decide on moral choices. More of a supervisor that really their time will be spent monitoring the machines. Kids will have no idea humans would drive trucks or even personal vehicles. They'll say "Why did you not care about safety and efficiency. Robots/Machines are better in every aspect." Side note: any movies like Terminator or iRobot will no longer be legal to watch Population Control: Concerns of overpopulation begin to be debated by the top 1%, with no longer having to work or work +40hrs a week births begin to increase. Wars are fought in the cyber world, no longer will militaries need boots on the ground as much rather than boots ...