The War of Automation

What happens when +90% of the jobs are not automated?

No longer will we need doctors or surgeons, instead hospitals will just need a single person to decide on moral choices. More of a supervisor that really their time will be spent monitoring the machines. Kids will have no idea humans would drive trucks or even personal vehicles. They’ll say “Why did you not care about safety and efficiency. Robots/Machines are better in every aspect.”

Side note: any movies like Terminator or iRobot will no longer be legal to watch

Population Control:

Concerns of overpopulation begin to be debated by the top 1%, with no longer having to work or work +40hrs a week births begin to increase. Wars are fought in the cyber world, no longer will militaries need boots on the ground as much rather than boots in chairs. Life expectancy is longer due to innovations in healthcare and community outreach.


While automation and robots can keep up with the large increase in population needing new houses and supplies, the environment cannot. National organizations begin to recommend new population control measures, 2 kids max, (unless medical reason, twins, triplets, etc…). Smog is no longer only a threat to a few cities but to all. Automation has created very efficient methods for animal slaughter for food and resources but to humans this is inhumane. Backlash begins against governments to constrain the way automation creates efficiency, what good is efficiency if robots discover humans can be efficiently farmed…



How close are we to this?


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