Content is King

Korg M1

Content is king, but creating content – especially audio/music production continues to evolve and become more accessible than ever. Those who have ever worked with the early 4 track Fostex or Tascams back when home studios were still a new thing for many musicians can probably attest to that. The cost was a big barrier for some, although it was often more cost-effective than paying for studio time. The Korg M1 workstation was a great tool for songwriters who wanted to sequence midi tracks and layer sampled waveforms to create a more complex sound.

Personal Studio Evolution

As personal desktop computers and later laptops became more useful with better software and better-operating systems, many musicians started creating incredible projects all on their laptops. The Digital Audio Workstations have been here for a while, and continue to improve. The cost of building your own music production system can run from reasonably affordable to very expensive depending on what hardware and software you find yourself working with and building on or out from. The midi controllers that often go along with these “music studio” laptops are a necessity to many and continue to evolve in style and function.

Today you can produce music on your Android or Apple devices. This puts music content creation in the hands of many. Having the tools to create content and creating content is not quite the same. The idea of “Creativity” and “work” are also important, but having all the best tools and toys doesn’t always equal quality content production. If I told you that you already had all the tools you needed, would you start creating the next great piece of music or audio? Would you start podcasting or writing music just because you had access to the tools, or would you spend much of your time looking for even better tools? I have great respect for those musicians who write all their music on an acoustic guitar or piano, or the writer who still uses a typewriter or pad and pencil.

Here are a few links to some interesting DAW software and tools: Ubuntu Studio 16.04.1 Our post on Ubuntu Studio Logic-Pro x Acid Pro 7 Ableton Live LMMS
FL Studio Reaper
Audacity Bitwig Studio
Pro Tools
Cubase Reason Ipad-Pro

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