Technology is BLOATED

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The internet has answers to all that you ask, it might be correct, or it might not, how do you know? Should you just look it up and believe what you read is true? This is the issue that comes with being so well connected to all and everything, 24/7 news cycle and social media. Big exciting news or an interesting technological breakthrough spreads rapidly through networks, but when it’s found to be the work of a photoshopped image or quote taken in the wrong context that will never reach the same amount of points in the network. 

This is dangerous and we now see how people can be influenced by others, even worse is realizing it and now not knowing who or what to trust. 

Recently this has been a major subject in news, entertainment, and politics. You can even see similar issues in the technology sector, if there’s money to be made by influencing others it will happen. It hinders new technology in many ways, for example Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Bitcoin opened a door to a new idea using blockchains and others saw the endless uses it could have. As more developers and users that believed in the tech joined the value starts to increase over time to where the “Sharks” realize there’s money to be made, regardless of what the tech or product is. 

Eventually the value of bitcoin and crypto in general gets so large you get deceitful ICOs and useless crypto coins trying to quickly grab anything and get out. Now companies pop up talking about how they utilize the blockchain to do X, Y, and Z without any new product or tech, which hurts the industry. 

Questions for you the reader…

  • Has any new tech breakthrough not been affected by negatively by others copying or creating harmful products, to try to make a quick profit?
    • Internet – scammers, ads, trackers, hackers
    • Bitcoin – Endless Initial Coin Offerings and shell businesses created
    • Social Media & 24/7 news cycle – Data privacy, security

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