Microsoft Confirms and Pulls Latest Windows 10 Update KB4524244

Microsoft Confirms and Pulls Latest Windows 10 Update KB4524244

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A Windows 10 security update, KB4524244, released on February 11th, 2020 was pulled just days later on February 15th. In which case Microsoft confirmed user-reported issues. When Should You Update? When it comes to Microsoft and there updates to Windows 10 users have to decide when to update. Problems with updates are so common that some users won't update anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks after release. Is the issue the update is attempting to address so critical that any time not updating is a risk? OR Will not updating right away put my data or systems at risk more than a possible issue with the update release?
NSA warns Microsoft of severe Windows 10 bug

NSA warns Microsoft of severe Windows 10 bug

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Windows Patch Tuesday gets Exciting On the last day of support for Windows 7 news breaks of a severe Windows 10 bug. The bug was so severe the NSA told Microsoft once it was found, or did they? This bug was related to digital signatures, which is used as a defense against users downloading malware disguised as a typical program. However, due to the bug an attacker could include a digital signature from a trusted provider on any files they wanted. Once an unsuspecting user downloads those files their system could be compromised because of the digital signature Windows 10 would believe its safe. Below is a tweet from the NSA "Strongly" encouraging users to update their Windows 10 OS

Thanksgiving – Weathering the Storm

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Yesterday, while sitting in Starbucks writing a few notes with my iPhone and waiting for my coffee, I could see storm clouds darkening the sky far off in the distance. It's not an unusual sight and often is nothing to get too excited about. The news reports have all been about the high winds and wintry weather warnings due in our area. I’m referring to the news I actually pay any attention to. Politics are avoided. With Thanksgiving in a few days, it’s not a bad strategy to avoid unnecessary nonsense. Now a day later I can hear the rain on the roof of the shop start tapping along with the blowing wind as the temperature drops down to a more seasonable cool temperature range of misery. I had spent some time earlier this morning playing around with the Chromebook’s Linux beta support and...

Lemon-Lime on Ice

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Lemon-Lime Gatorade and crushed ice is (almost, coffee still #1) my new favorite beverage. I know it seems wrong, but it’s pretty nice on hot humid days - especially when I’m waiting for Windows 10 Update Assistant to finish upgrading Windows 10 on my Lenovo ThinkPad. So slow, I know I should be patient, so I finish some other work I’m chipping away at on another Linux laptop. I downloaded the latest Win 10 64 bit iso also just in case I have to build from scratch, but I wanted to have my current configuration updated by the Update Assistant so I could experience the method many users would choose.Thus, the cold beverage on such a hot day. (Which I just spilled)This entire exercise started this morning as a plan to play around with the new Windows Command line. The iso I had on hand was ve...

Forward Thinking?

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I had a whole blog post written about using WMIC.exe for anyone still stuck with supporting a Windows 7 OS machine.It’s a handy little command-line tool for gathering information-about your system, but then I started thinking “this is so backward thinking!” Who still uses Windows 7 in 2019?We should be “forward thinking”and realize that nobody’s still using Windows 7 anymore.Extended support even vaporizes next January for any stragglers out there. Yeah this was probably going to be a bad idea. You could play around with WMIC.exe on Windows 10, but why? I still can’t believe Windows 10 is Microsoft flagship name even though it will be 2020 in less than seven months.Of course I’m just kidding, I know a lot of corporate staff is still lugging old tired Windows 7 laptops around.  Maybe ...