We’re all lost, but it’s all right.

This is the summer of noise, chaos, intimidation, and denial. False prophets and intimidation surf the airways on a sea of Fake News and failed revolutions. The “new normal” isn’t new, and it’s far from normal for the western world. These are symptoms of fear: fear of change. It’s not the change you hear about every day in the media, it’s the change that we were warned about in the last century. The way we work is changing. The processes for which we buy, consume and sell abruptly transformed in a matter of months if not weeks.

We are slowly easing our way into total reliance on technology for everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we know – about ourselves and what others know about us. All this information on everything and anything churning and processing through the machine.

Do we worry about this transformation? No, we worry about rewriting history and tearing down statues to those we now decide were false idols. Not all statues are meant to be worshiped. They do serve as a way to remember the past which was not always what we would call in line with today’s popular sentiments or beliefs. At one time someone must have thought they were important enough to make a statue. I would imagine the next logical progression would be to remove religious statues that some may find offensive. To simply remove a statue is one thing, to deface and destroy one is going a bit far for any peaceful and civilized reform. Change through violence often results in counter-violence and so begins a circular dance of destruction and devolution.

Do we do all this for the benefit of society as a whole, or just to piss some people off we don’t like? Mostly our goal has been to turn up the tension to get our agendas a few seconds of media. All this in the midst of a global pandemic. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. In a time when we should be helping others, we now have a sense of distrust about one another. This may not be the worst of the pandemic or pandemics either. There could be worse things on the horizon.

We are mad at the dead, yet we haven’t learned to fear the non-living entities that wield more oppressive power than any long-dead soul of the last 2000 years. Don’t forget that humans built these new gods. There’s a little bit of the devil in each detail that makes our new monster dangerous, and that is what we call flaws, more commonly referred to system bugs or just simple coding errors.

Travel now limited due to the virus, or at least that’s what we hear. Any way you look at it it’s still more control over our daily life. Who or what do you think enables such restrictions? Yes, the machines we built. (currently run by governments, but soon running governments) In some cases, privately run companies are as or more powerful than many governments. All these thanks to our reliance on our machines for instant gratification.

All the while the machine watches and analyses how we act and react toward each other. As long as we fight among ourselves, we don’t really notice the temperature rising or care what real freedoms we lose. To think that we really have gotten to the point where we consider our local police forces as the enemy puts a whole new spin on spreading distrust and confusion. That’s OK because the machines will act as our new protectors. We probably won’t need judges and jury either as long as we can have algorithms to decide our fate.

We already have advanced security systems to track our movements and interactions with others, record all our actions, log our anatomical status, and decide whether we are allowed to work, enter certain areas, and grounds for isolation from others.

Catchy slogans from the darkened hallways of history are tossed loosely about again. The ever-popular “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” often professed by those looking for a fight. Not caring for any popular cause apparently has fallen out of fashion. Pick a side or we’ll pick for you. Isn’t that comforting? “Join our cause or become our enemy?” I’d rather not. I’ll support the cops, because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s based on what society needs. No police force is way scarier. A robot police force is probably where we are heading. I have more faith in the humans wearing a badge than a machine with no heart or soul…..and I like technology, but let’s not get crazy. I think AI and robotics will get to the point where we need to consider their rights as equals, but I’m getting way ahead of myself. Just maybe hold off on building any statues to some of today’s tech icons.

So much for freedom of choice, or respect of other opinions. Mob rule is dangerous. If the pandemic is as bad as the media says it is, now is probably not the best time to storm the castle or chase the monster through the fog to the windmill. Of course, if you’re out of work and haven’t got much else to do on a Saturday night, chasing the monster through the village might seem like a fun way to beat the boredom of having nothing else to do. In the old days, we’d order a pizza and watch a movie.

This week’s attraction “Swine Flu Zombies” staring you and everyone around you. That should be scary! It’s not like that would come true, at least not as most would expect, but hey wear your mask anyhow. If you can work from home – great, if you can make your home somewhat zombie-proof – even better.

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