Top 3 Keyboards to Travel With

Traveling with a full-sized keyboard can be a little tedious. They aren’t easy to travel with, they might not even fit inside your bag if you are trying to travel light. But, we still need them. So, what do we do? We try to find the most convenient keyboard possible by considering what makes a keyboard good for traveling with. This short article will cover what makes a keyboard good for traveling with and gives 3 great, safe, examples that you know you can rely on.

What makes a keyboard good for traveling?

When finding a keyboard for traveling size matters. The bigger and bulkier a keyboard is, the more inconvenient it is to lug around This is why you might want to consider a foldable keyboard, they pack away much easier allowing you to store them easily in a laptop bag or a small suitcase. Foldable keyboards can end up a little pricier than some of their non-foldable counterparts, but that is the price you pay for convenience. A good foldable keyboard will go toe to toe with even the best standard keyboards, so long as you can stomach the price that is.

You will also want to consider battery life. A good keyboard battery will last from anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. When traveling, you may not have time to run your keyboard into an outlet and gain a full charge. Travel tends to mean flitting from place to place with very little time for frivolous things such as charging your keyboard. Having a keyboard with a long battery life will save you a whole lot of headaches. Finding your keyboard has died in the middle of a long train journey or flight with nowhere to plug it in will be a nightmare.

Lastly, you will want to consider versatility. For example, a keyboard that can work with both a laptop and a phone/tablet is advised. Otherwise, you may find you need to bring two keyboards which almost defeats the point of a good travel keyboard entirely. This generally means you are looking for a wireless keyboard, with Bluetooth functionality, and the ability to pair with almost any major operating system. A keyboard that can pair with IOS, Windows, Linux, and Android is probably what you are going to be after. Additionally, you may want to consider how far its range is for Bluetooth. A range of up to 10 meters is pretty great, as you will likely never need to use it at such a distance.

The top 3 keyboards to travel with:

The keyboard market is incredibly saturated, which is great for us as consumers. There are so many great keyboards available, with a huge amount being great for traveling with. So picking the top three is a little tricky. These three keyboards are all safe bets that are universally pretty good, if there is something specific that you are looking for (like increased Bluetooth range, for example) then you might want to dig a little deeper. A great resource for finding keyboards that match your needs, or learning about them, in general, is Keyboard Kings. Anyway, without further ado, here are my top three keyboards to travel with:

Logitech k780:

This keyboard is quite thick and chunky, for lack of a better word, meaning you are getting sturdiness. On one hand, it makes packing it a little more difficult as it may not fit as comfortably in your laptop bag. However, its bulkiness is due to how small it is width wise. Additionally, it allows for a larger battery. Battery life is key in a travel keyboard, after all. Furthermore, it has a high-quality USB receiver that allows it to be connected to up to three devices at once. Those three devices can be any operating system, the Logitech k780 works especially well with iPads as it is the right size to mount the tablet on comfortably.

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iClever BK03:

The iClever BK03 is such a cool foldable keyboard. You are going to get a very high-quality, comfortable, and easy to use keyboard that fits perfectly into any sized bag. Once folded it is under 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It is smaller than your smartphone, comparable to an iPhone 6/7 in size. This means it can be folded up and slipped into your pocket if you are moving about a lot. Perfect for when you have lots of train connections on your travels, rather than having to pack and unpack every time you change train. It has a smart battery, meaning when it is folded up it turns itself off. This allows its battery to last far longer and is thus much more reliable for you on your travels.

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Logitech k400:

The Logitech k400 is a great keyboard for traveling around with. Where this keyboard shines is in its size and functionality, it has programmable function keys to allow you to gain maximum value from the keyboard. When traveling, getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible is so important. With this keyboard, you can refine a huge part of your workweek to just a few clicks of a button with some clever little excel macros. The Logitech k400 also has a trackpad meaning it can double as a mouse for you in a tight space, like on an airplane. The Logitech k400 works with any operating systems, meaning you get maximum functionality.

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Any of the above keyboards would be great for traveling with. They are in no particular order, they each do different things better and shine in different areas. They are all quite reasonably priced, very middle of the pack, as they have been chosen as the most universally applicable options. If I had to recommend one, it would be the Logitech k400 simply for its trackpad feature. For some people, this is not needed as the majority of their work is simply typing. If you find you will need to navigate webpages and files a lot, then being able to do so with your keyboard might make your life a whole lot easier. Without the need to buy a separate mouse, of course.

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