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Old Man Winter Waits for Thee.

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The country is divided. This is not a new revelation. Covid19 is spiking across the continent - as it has around the world. Social distancing has resulted in job loss, small business closures, educational difficulties, and the year has been very bad for many. This is without even factoring in many deaths, and health impacts we may not fully understand for a long time. Depression and burnout have also taken a toll. Basically, this year hasn't been that great. Unfortunately, this challenge could carry over to next year. Look on the bright side - it couldn't get much worse - could it? One thing we do know however is that for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it will probably get much colder. I can hear the wind howling as I sit here working in my dimly lit but cozy shop. One light i...

In Case of Winter Storm – Eat Chili

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On cold miserable days, nothing beats a hot bowl of chili. Yes, hot coffee will help warm you up while sitting in front of your computer, but slowly savoring each hot spoonful of chili while you review your work on the screen is a very nice complement. The wind, sleet, and cold may be pounding against the outside of your shelter, be it an office, home, apartment, ship, shop, truck, or possibly trailer, but a great cup or bowl of chili can give some well deserved comfort. Sitting or standing in front of your computer screens can get cold if your not getting up and moving around much...if you can. I love having a hot cup of coffee and some spicy chili take the edge off the cold days and nights.Sometimes when you get so wrapped up working on something, be it a solution to a problem, or build...