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A Cold Light in the Damp Dark Night.

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It is the dark time. October is almost over and Halloween Night is not far off. The nights are noticeably colder, and the night air is damp and windy. When it isn't raining you can hear the leaves winding across the land. When it is raining you can hear the far off distant sound of thunder and the wind gusting through the trees. It's usually a good night for some hot tea and a warm hoodie. It feels dark and gloomy all day. Sometimes we have a break and there is some sun pushing through the clouds, but usually not enough to dry out the wet soggy ground. So begins the muddy season here in the swamp. With a good pair of muck boots and a rain-resistant jacket, you can easily handle the transition between warm dry summer weather and freezing cold snow. This is the in-between, sort of the w...

Masque of the Zombie Robot

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The virus has spread across the globe. Death and fear of death have created an atmosphere of dread and mistrust. In the end the resulting economic impact could create more chaos and destruction than the disease it'self. (it won't, but it sounds impressive) Are you afraid? You most likely are not, in fact you may be more annoyed than futurist of the twentieth century would have predicted. The media is stumbling along with an assortment of talking heads broadcasting from their broom closets, basement, and garages with bad backdrops, poor audio quality, improper use of makeup, and bad lighting. The information must get delivered by recognizable personalities, or else it probably isn't marketable. We now have mixed messages adding to the confusion; Don't go out - yes do go out...Wha...