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Change is a Monster!

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Welcome to the inner sanctum. My remote office away from home across the wet, muddy path that leads to the shed within a shed. A fortress of solitude where one can contemplate complex and fascinating problems that have baffled even the most brilliant intellectual sectors. Under a dimly lit LED that reflects off the 70's SciFi influenced aluminum foil bubble wrap that insulates each wall, I toil away as the wind howls, thunderclaps, and rain beats against the outer hull. (for this inner sanctum reminds me of a ship adrift on a sea of perplexities) Well used computers and monitors display multiple terminal screens of data. Information on many things relegated to the command line or the shell - some trivial and some of the intrigue. Processed bits and bytes of standard output regardi...
Life after the first wave

Life after the first wave

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As workers begin to return to the office some companies are rethinking their office layouts, occupancy numbers, and even locations. The new way of working around minimal distance restrictions and partitioned workspaces will evolve. Power, plumbing, and network routes may need to be updated or completely redesigned. Office layouts that were initially designed to foster collaboration now appear as precarious breeding grounds for contagion. Office designs from a bygone era where closed offices with doors and tall cubicles for single work desk occupancy - which were looked down upon as isolation and divisional, now are being rethought just for the ability to create areas of productive serenity. Today we refer to these designs as safety barriers and mitigation management enhancemen...