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Kalm Before the Storm

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Even with the hot humid weather we were still able to get a lot of work done around the house this summer. You think you've got plenty of time to get ready for winter if you wait for the cooler Fall weather, but that's not always a good plan. Rain can slow down some of the outdoor work, and usually something always comes up that you might not have expected. This season has been the strangest that I can remember. Just getting ready for cold weather is enough of a challenge. Throw in all the strange events of the last 8 months, and it changes the way you go about even the simplest things like going to the hardware store. Lumber seems to be a hot commodity, and practically everything seems to be a little more costly if available at all. There's no travel vacation this year, it's ...
Netbook For Your Lock-down or Break-out Laptop of Destiny?

Netbook For Your Lock-down or Break-out Laptop of Destiny?

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I’m starting to think about how this Fall and early Winter will look if we see more cases coupled with seasonal cold and flu outbreaks in my area. I work in the north and miserable weather is the norm, as are colds and flu season surges every year.The cold and wet end of the year has traditionally been the most prominent time for sickness and misery for those who try to keep working even when bed rest and hot tea would be more appropriate. Summers are short and humid with lots of mosquitoes, so many who don’t have to be outside stay indoors most of the year. This may be the reason we see a lot of cold-related illnesses, not from being outdoors, but from being indoors. As luck would have it I usually spend a lot of time outdoors in the rain and snow......loving it! Actually more so because...
CROSH – The Chromebook Shell at the end of the world.

CROSH – The Chromebook Shell at the end of the world.

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What laptop and OS would I rely on if working remotely was a necessary evil should a global pandemic impact daily life. A remote connection could become more critical for many people. Security for your system should also factor in as critical in turbulent times. Where do you turn, and what do you use when a storm sets in? What would be the simplest and most mobile setup to have with you - wherever you are or wherever you go? THE LINUX BETA SHELL prompt - root@penguin: In my continuing quest to find the perfect all around laptop I am constantly finding myself bouncing back and forth from Debian/Ubuntu Linux Spins on low powered laptops and Chromebook. In fact I would like to be able to rely on only my Chromebook as a trusty daily driver, but I haven’t been able to go very long befor...

Have a Minty Christmas | Linux Mint 19.3

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It’s the night before Christmas and all through the shop, not a coffee has been wasted, not even a drop. A little slice of banana cream pie goes perfect with some hot coffee as I install Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia. Mint is an easy Linux Distribution to recommend to anyone just testing out the Linux waters who is more familiar with older Windows releases. Windows 10 latest incarnation has steered a few users towards alternative operating systems. I like Mint because it’s usually very stable on old hardware and doesn’t require some of the WiFi troubleshooting that other leaner distros do. What better way to spend Christmas Eve than sitting by a looped Yule Log video listening to old Christmas standards on Apple Music? I was going to install the latest Peppermint release to be a little festiv...

Thanksgiving – Weathering the Storm

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Yesterday, while sitting in Starbucks writing a few notes with my iPhone and waiting for my coffee, I could see storm clouds darkening the sky far off in the distance. It's not an unusual sight and often is nothing to get too excited about. The news reports have all been about the high winds and wintry weather warnings due in our area. I’m referring to the news I actually pay any attention to. Politics are avoided. With Thanksgiving in a few days, it’s not a bad strategy to avoid unnecessary nonsense. Now a day later I can hear the rain on the roof of the shop start tapping along with the blowing wind as the temperature drops down to a more seasonable cool temperature range of misery. I had spent some time earlier this morning playing around with the Chromebook’s Linux beta support and...