I thought that I might give the latest Solus MATE a try while I was looking at writing a few words about terminal run file managers. I used it a while back with the Budgie desktop and liked it a lot. It was a great OS for my laptop, but I was spending most of my time using Windows 10, Manjaro, and Ubuntu for some work I was doing and I think I just got distracted and forgot about it. No complaints, just sometimes circumstances send you in odd directions that you hadn’t planned on and some things get left behind.

Anyhow, I was listening to the Late Night Linux podcast  the other day and remembered that I kind of liked that Solus “OS”. I probably shouldn’t refer Solus as a spin or Distro since I believe it’s built as an Independent development. (not directly based on Debian, Fedora, or Arch)  I think it’s very much an “Original” Linux Desktop. I’m sure there would be some disagreement on that, and that’s fine. I hadn’t intended to actually write a post about Solus, but somehow it’s starting to sound like I might be.

So the reason I installed Solus Mate was to install a few terminal based file managers that I have used over the years on other Linux systems. As I recall, Solus seems to allow me to get to work right away without any distractions. That still holds true in this latest installment. Since I usually use “Apt” on Ubuntu and “Pacman” on Manjaro to install packages from their respective repositories, I almost forgot that for Solus I had to use: “eopkg install ranger” to install the very handy Ranger terminal based file manager.  That is also true for “eopkg install mc” to install Midnight Commander.

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If you prefer not to install packages from the command line, then Solus Software Center works well also.

I like the workflow Solus supports. I can get right to work in a terminal, easily install the packages I want to use – a simple file manager I can run from the terminal. Ranger works nicely, I prefer it to Midnight Commander. Midnight Commander also works well, and I can see how some would prefer it to Ranger. It kind of reminds me of Dosshell from the old DOS days. I’ll use “Glances” to compliment the file manager.

I was going to write a little about terminal file managers, but I think I’m getting distracted again….by how nice Solus works for me. I installed it, I used it, I like it.


Solus Software Center:


Update your system from the Software Center

software center update


MC (Midnight Commander)


Quick color scheme change (darkfar)


Ranger 1.8.1

Simple yet elegant design (very Vim – like)


Glances. (command line utility)

Nice compliment to any terminal based file manager.


Helpful Hints


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