SolaceCoin: Helping Others One Block At A Time


SolaceCoin was created to help charities while also serving as a currency for daily usage.

How it works

6% of each block mined will be given the “Dev wallet”

30% of which will go to the charity wallet. the rest will be used to get listed on exchanges and support continuing development.

These coins will be slowly released to exchanges and the proceeds will be donated to a charity.
Charities are chosen by the community through voting.

Driven by CryptoNote: Anonymous transactions, no public ledger; used by other coins such as Monero

“SolaceCoin is a Crypto Currency waiting to make the world a better place one block at a time”


Algorithm: Cryptonight Heavy

Block Window Time: 60 Seconds

Total Supply: 21 Billion

Block reward +- 6000 as block reward varies

Using Camel distribution: Accelerates over years with the block reward changing every month.

Forked from the Ombre team


CPU and GPU Mining supported



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