SolaceCoin: Helping Others One Block At A Time


SolaceCoin was created to help charities while also serving as a currency for daily usage.

“SolaceCoin is a Crypto Currency waiting to make the world a better place one block at a time”

How It Works

  • 6% of each block mined will be given the “Dev wallet”
  • 30% of which will go to the charity wallet. the rest will be used to get listed on exchanges and support continuing development.
  • These coins will be slowly released to exchanges and the proceeds will be donated to a charity.
    Charities are chosen by the community through voting.
  • Driven by CryptoNote: Anonymous transactions, no public ledger; used by other coins such as Monero


  • Algorithm: Cryptonight Heavy
  • Block Window Time: 60 Seconds
  • Total Supply: 21 Billion
  • Block reward +- 6000 as block reward varies
  • Using Camel distribution: Accelerates over years with the block reward changing every month.
  • Forked from the Ombre team
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight Heavy

CPU and GPU Mining supported