Renaming Columns with R

How to rename columns in r

Often data you’re working with has abstract column names, such as (x1, x2, x3…). Typically, the first step I take when renaming columns with r is opening my web browser. 

Renaming Columns with R 1
For some reason no matter the amount of times doing this it’s just one of those things. (Hoping that writing about it will change that)

The dataset cars is data from the 1920s on “Speed and Stopping Distances of Cars”. There is only 2 columns shown below.

[1] "speed" "dist" 

If we wanted to rename the column “dist” to make it easier to know what the data is/means we can do so in a few different ways.

Using Base r:

colnames(cars)[2] <-"Stopping Distance (ft)"

[1] "speed"                  "Stopping Distance (ft)"

colnames(cars)[1:2] <-c("Speed (mph)","Stopping Distance (ft)")

[1] "Speed (mph)"            "Stopping Distance (ft)"
Stopping_Over_60 <- subset(cars, dist > 60)
Stopping_Under_61 <- subset(cars, dist <= 60)
names(Stopping_Over_60)[2] <- names(Stopping_Under_61)[2] <- "Stopping Distance (ft)"
 [1] "speed"                  "Stopping Distance (ft)"
 [1] "speed"                  "Stopping Distance (ft)"

Using dplyr:

cars %>% 
  rename("Stopping Distance (ft)" = dist) %>% 

[1] "speed"             "Stopping Distance (ft)"
cars %>%
  rename("Stopping Distance (ft)" = dist, "Speed (mph)" = speed) %>%

[1] "Speed (mph)"            "Stopping Distance (ft)"

Using GREP:

colnames(cars)[grep("dist", colnames(cars))] <-"Stopping Distance (ft)"

"speed"                  "Stopping Distance (ft)"

Using data.table

As mentioned in the comments below, using data.tables is a more efficient way of renaming columns in r due to the handling of memory. Memory is important as the data you start working with grows in size.

cars_DT <- cars 
cars_DT <-setDT(cars_DT)
# Note have to copy over to a new data structure due to cars  being locked as its a dataset built into a package

setnames(cars_DT, c("speed","dist"), c("Speed (mph)","Stopping Distance (ft)"))

[1] "Speed (mph)" "Stopping Distance (ft)"

6 thoughts on “Renaming Columns with R

  1. Or after converting cars to data.table with `setDT(cars)`, you can do `setnames(cars, c(“dist”, “speed”), c(“Stopping Distance (ft)”, “Speed (mph)”))`. Immediate and without unnecessary copy in memory.

  2. I guess there is a little typo in the result of first example of dplyr, and it should be:

    [1] “speed” “Stopping Distance (ft)”

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