Please No More Serverless

“Serverless”, The new Buzzword

Is this the apocalypse for servers?

Please No More Serverless 1
Photo by Brock DuPont on Unsplash

Now you can be serverless too! 

Why waste time and resources running your own servers when a company will gladly take over with their new “serverless” plan.

Wait… Don’t we already have and use the cloud?

“Well yes,  but this is completely different! It’s serverless!

What actually is it?

Serverless is actually a subset of cloud infrastructure. The only real difference is serverless is the cloud as FaaS (Function as a Service). Which means you only pay for your actual usage and that depends on the resources you used and the time they were used for. The cloud you typically pay a subscription that gives you a set amount of time and compute power.

Serverless is like using a GUI on an operating system while using the cloud is using a terminal. A terminal is going to have much more control and options but for people who want to “Point & Click”, this is better for them.

I think serverless is a great idea that will help out a lot of businesses looking to adopt new technology. The problem I have is the name “Serverless”, your still going to be using servers but you won’t control them. 

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