In Case of Winter Storm – Eat Chili

On cold miserable days, nothing beats a hot bowl of chili. Yes, hot coffee will help warm you up while sitting in front of your computer, but slowly savoring each hot spoonful of chili while you review your work on the screen is a very nice complement. The wind, sleet, and cold may be pounding against the outside of your shelter, be it an office, home, apartment, ship, shop, truck, or possibly trailer, but a great cup or bowl of chili can give some well deserved comfort. Sitting or standing in front of your computer screens can get cold if your not getting up and moving around much…if you can. I love having a hot cup of coffee and some spicy chili take the edge off the cold days and nights.
Sometimes when you get so wrapped up working on something, be it a solution to a problem, or building in improvements to a project you might not notice the time slip by and the weather start to turn. Just taking a break can actually help bring things into better focus. A break is often more productive than a marathon work session. I think the caffeine from the coffee and the heat from the chili spices help me think clearer than any sugar drink buzz ever could. You need to drink water too so that you don’t get dehydrated and start programming goofy mistakes into your project. Sleep is good too, no doubt about that, but only as a means of resting, not as a way to waste time.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make any work more enjoyable. A good bowl of chili, as with a good cup of hot coffee can sometimes inspire great ideas. Maybe you make your own chili, or possibly prefer the convenience of the canned variety, both are fine. Maybe you take a break and stop by a local diner for their chili, that’s even more of a break, possibly a well needed break from the computer. On cold miserable days or nights a little chili can take the chill off …..even if it’s just for a while.

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