How to play Fortnite Save the World for free

As of right now, Fortnite Save the World is still in early access mode with the game being released for free sometime during 2018.

In order to play the game in early access, you would need to pay $40 to unlock the game. The success of the free Battle Royale version of the game has made the game insanely popular and now people want to know what the actual game is like.


Play Fortnite STW Free

  • This was tested using an Xbox version of the game and a PC version
  • Must have accounts already linked

First, you want to go ahead and load the game up on the Xbox and get past the main menu. Next, open the game up on your computer and be signed into the same Fortnite account that you use on the Xbox version.

You will then be kicked out of the game on your Xbox due to signing in on your PC. Now, sign back into the game on your Xbox. You will know if it worked or not because you will be met with a message saying they were unable to verify any 3rd party purchases.


If you get the message regarding them unable to verify 3rd party purchases you will then be able to load right into Fortnite Save the World.


Please let us know if this works for you!


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