College Tech Tips

Be Ready for College with these Tips!

1. How to Save Money for College

Going away to college is expensive! However, being a college student with a .edu email address allows you access to a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime StudentCollege Tech Tips 1

This is a great opportunity for those of you who haven’t yet been a member of Prime and want to try.

Living on your own or in a dorm is much easier when you can simply buy just about anything and have it shipped to you for free within 2 days.  

Have time to kill between classes? With Amazon Prime, you have access to Prime video which gives you a collection of movies and TV to watch from all your devices. 

2. Decide on what you need to be successful in school

Depending on your major and what your hobbies are will dictate how much tech hardware you will be bringing to school. Students entering into a tech-related major will usually bring more than a student not in a tech major. For example, I was a Computer Information System major and I bought multiple computers both laptops and desktop. I might have done a little overkill but I liked to have my operating systems on separate machines and when I had to do heavy processing…or when I would play games I’d use my desktop. Students in other fields of study might only need a laptop that can run word processing to create reports. 

3. Dorm WiFi

College dorms are notorious for having WiFi issues and slow speeds. You will start to notice that during class hours, the internet is blazing fast. Then when you try to download your course’s syllabus at 7 pm and the download crawls to a finish.

 To be prepared: Bring an Ethernet cable to connect to the wall, this should provide a boost during heavy traffic hours. If your laptop or even phone or tablet doesn’t have an Ethernet port you can buy a Network AdapterCollege Tech Tips 2 to use.


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