Cold Grey Sky

It seems to rain or threaten to rain almost everyday lately.
The nights are windy and the early morning hours much colder than only a few weeks ago. Snow is in the air, not heavy yet, but soon the storms will arrive. I keep checking the latest laptop sales, because I think I should be able to find some decent deals as we head into the holiday season. There are some sales, but nothing I would call too good to pass up. There’s a difference between what I need, and what I’d like.

I know I don’t really need a new laptop, but I wouldn’t mind upgrading if I thought it would have a positive impact on my work flow. In fact I’m questioning my need for any type of laptop since I seem to use my phone for almost everything I do. Phones seem to have slid into the $1000.00 price neighborhood. Powerful laptops haven’t come down much unless you sacrifice speed and memory. I’ve been using my new Chromebook, which is useful for most of my day to day computing needs.
I still use Windows and Linux for “dedicated application ” related functions, but continue to pursue better alternatives.
My Chromebook won’t support the new Linux Beta functions, but there are some that apparently do. Maybe I should look at a more powerful Chromebook to go on sale.
I’ll be keeping my eye on the latest iPad developments that should be unveiled soon. That could present a better alternative to a new laptop, but I still would like to have a more powerful Linux machine. Granted the iPads are amazing, and less expensive than the MacBook Pro, but it really depends on what you want to get out of it.
I’m sure there will be more sales between now and the end of the year, but I may just continue making the most out of what i already have. I do get a lot out of older laptops mostly thanks to lite weight Linux distributions from Ubuntu and Arch derivatives.

My iPhone continues to morph into my primary computer, and I see many other users are apparently in the same boat.
It’s usually with me or close by most of the time, and it’s very fast.
The phone has already become my main source of current information “news”.
I prefer the “on demand” approach to retrieving information as opposed to flipping channels on the television or radio to find out what’s happening in the world.

Getting back to my “laptop upgrade” challenge, I think I will continue to look for some good sales with my Amazon App on my phone. Does anyone even advertise computer sales on television anymore? I should probably check. I think they used to.
I could venture out into the cold rainy night and check out any stores that still carry a decent selection of computers, but then again – I could just stay home check out some computer websites on my Chromebook. It’s great for that type of job. It’ll be snowing soon, probably best to stay in tonight, tomorrow night, probably until Spring.

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