• Konform Or Be Kast Out
    This weekend the news appears to be leaning heavily toward sensationalism. Doom and dread are at an all time high trying to gain attention under the guise of preparing for the worst. Just what everyone needs – more stress to add to actual difficulties the world is already facing. The nation’s capital is under a…
  • Hot Black Coffee on The Frozen Swamp
    My truck, my tools, and my coffee are usually all I need to get things done. I usually bring my coffee from home, but I have on occasion stopped by a gas station or coffee shop to refill my thermos when levels are low and there is still a long way to go. I know I can rely on what I have in the shop or in the truck.
  • “Awaiting the new year”
    Finally we come to the conclusion of 2020. We got rain and we got snow. What a way to slide into 2021. It’s been a rough year for many, and certainly the strangest in recent memory. Many of our lives may be forever altered by the pandemic, lock-downs, and social division that dominated daily life…