Amazon wants your house and car keys

Yup…Amazon the giant company that you order all the products you love is now searching a way to have access to your house and/or car.


A survey of 1,001 US homeowners conducted by August last year claimed that upwards of 11 million homeowners had packages stolen during the year. They also found that 69% of homeowners believed that letting someone inside their house to leave packages was better than leaving them outside.

This is causing Amazon to search for new ways to have delivery workers be able to access your home and even your car. To do this, they are looking to new tech inventions like the smart lock for the door. If you feel you don’t want them to have access to inside your house then you can opt for them to leave the package (if it fits) inside your car. They hope to do this by possibly utilizing a smart license plate, like the one built already by Phrame.


Image credit: Phrame


The idea currently is to allow them access to your smart plate with a generated token (like a VPN token) from their smartphone app. Once the plate is unlocked they can grab the keys from a pocket and they can then unlock the car and leave the package inside.

It’s a good idea but what stops them from using the keys to drive away in that car?

One solution to this being special keys being made that only allow a car to be unlocked. If the car is a push to start, the special keys would not be able to start the car only unlock.

Would you be open to letting somebody deliver packages directly inside your home or car? 

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